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One-Stop Media Production Agency in Afghanistan!

Afghan Multimedia Agency (AMA)

www.afghanmultimedia.com is registered in the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture. 

AMA is the leading independent news-gathering agency in Afghanistan, delivering the most up-to-date, unbiased reporting of key events and breaking news shaping the Afghan world.

The teams at AMA are comprised of seasoned journalists, cameramen, and producers in every capital city in the Afghan region who are committed to the highest levels of journalistic integrity.

Services: Breaking News, Documentary Shoots, Feature Story, Journalists, Cameramen, Photographers, Researchers, Experts, Interpreters, Fixers, Developers and all types of media facilities in Afghanistan.

This dedicated local presence in more areas than any other regional news agency ensures coverage is accurate and unbiased, and reports are always a comprehensive picture of the relevant events leading up to the news.

Among the new features on our site contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube to foster improved communication with the clients. We will be constantly updating our content with helpful information, articles, and newsletters, We hope you find our website with a fresh look, easy to access information and we also wish to establish this portal as a source of information for those who visit our website.

URL: www.afghanmultimedia.com