Multimedia trainings facility in Kabul

Afghan Multimedia Training Center have been founded with endless efforts of Haroon Sabawoon the CEO and Head of Afghan Multimedia Agency (AMA) who has been working as a multimedia journalist and producer for international media for two decades, who could fortunately launch Professional Multimedia Journalism Center and teach as free for the first time in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Techniques of Multimedia Journalism.

One of the purposes of this methodical institution is to increase the capacity of the scientific in Multimedia Journalism sections, included short/long-term trainings of the photo journalism, video journalism, editing and reporting theoretically/practically among the new generations and youths in Afghanistan.                                                                                       

1. General purposes
  • These courses teach participants key Multimedia skills and techniques used in investigative reporting ranging from generating story ideas.
  • Planning the investigation, interviewing, researching skills, and to write the story.
  • The courses target Multimedia Journalists with various levels of investigation experiences.
  • Short-term/Long-term Afghan Multimedia Training Center would be the right choice for journalists with solid experience and expertise who want to learn a specific skill or develop their knowledge in a particular technique.
  • For journalism novices, a holistic Multimedia Training Package that would combine several of these courses would be appropriate.
  • The courses are also suitable for NGOs that use investigations in their work and want to develop their Multimedia section by their own employees.
2. What will a participant learn?
    • Generate ideas.
    • Planning investigations.
    • Carry out investigation, Identification of sources, interviews, use of research tools, and data.
    • Developing researches stories.
    • Ethical and legal issues in lectures.