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Female artists hold art exhibition in Kabul under the role of Islamic Emirate

Afghanistan: Afghan female artists hold an art exhibition under the Islamic Emirate government in Kabul, Afghanistan, on September 25, 2022. Shamriz Sabawoon/Afghan Multimedia Agency

According to a female artist added; we opened this exhibition which explains violence against women in our society, and because to prove that women can work, and girls can learn education, as we were stopped to join schools, we hold this exhibition against the violence.

Today is our photo exhibition, we have struggled and worked for weeks to find an agenda convey our message against violence to the all people, and by such activities we can convey girls, and women voices to media and press, explained an artist.

Another artist added; the girls must go to school, as they restricted music, and cinema, at least they should let girls to go to school, to learn education and make a better and successful life, to say I would like to become a singer but it is impossible in Afghanistan, currently they should let us at least to learn education.

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