Families wait for visas outside Pakistan embassy in Kabul

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN-AUGUST 23: Afghan families including women and children wait to get visas last days to flee the country after the Taliban takeover in Kabul, Afghanistan, on August 23, 2021. Afghan Multimedia Agency

An Afghan applicant said, “To say about the crowds of people as I said if the process delay may be the crowds will be as like as crowds in the airport, thousands will come here, since morning there a lot of people inside and on the of the embassy, but it is getting better right now, they also said that we have a least 6 employee who are working in the embassy, and secondly we are process the visas as there are 6000 people applied already online today, as well as there are journalist also who are getting visa today, and there another group who has foreign passports, they will issue the visas for them also, so because of these problems they people was vagrant and suffer to problems.”