Afghan popstar opens clothing store offering opportunities for local women

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN-JULY 23: Famous Afghan popstar, businesswoman and fashion designer Aryana Sayeed launched a clothing store in a move which she hopes will inspire women nationwide in Kabul, Afghanistan, on July 23, 2021. Sayeed is promoting the financial empowerment of women in Afghanistan, convey a message of rejection to the old ways and in the face of the resurgent Taliban. AFGHN MULTIMEDIA AGENCY

“Yes, Ariana brand is a fashion brand or clothing brand under my own name, for many, many years my style, my clothes has been loved and followed by many, many Afghan women all around the world especially in Afghanistan, and whatever just that I wear is automatically becomes fashion, becomes trend in the market, and this time arounds we are worried, what’s going to happen? And obviously I am worried, I’m concerned I am scared but I’m not going to stop working, I’m not going to stop living until the situation is clear and we’ll see what happens”, Stated Arayana Sayeed.

An Afghan Customer added; “Aryana has fought a lot especially for Afghan women, and we proud on her, in the current situation if any Afghan woman who want to have achievements that is the biggest achievement of the whole Afghan women, now the public become literate and women have big achievements, all of us think about a better future, so I don’t think that day will be back in Afghanistan”.