19 people killed after blast targets an educational center in Kabul

Afghanistan: 19 people were killed, and dozens were wounded after a blast hits Kaaj educational center during teenagers were taking practice exams in Kabul, Afghanistan, on September 30, 2022. Shamriz Sabawoon/Afghan Multimedia Agency

According to an eyewitness stated, I have seen about 14 death bodies who were not even identified, one of their relative was come and mourned, shouted, they used to look around but could not identify their victims, me also I could not identify a lot of my friends yet, I have found one of them as injured, but the rest of them are disappeared because death bodies cannot be identified.

I have seen two death bodies in 800-beds hospital, there were four death bodies in Amiri Gharb hospital, after that when I come to Sehat-e-Watan I see four death bodies there, and also near the Sehat-e-Watan hospital there were four to twelve death bodies in another hospital, explained another eyewitness.

A security member of Islamic Emirate government added, among the causalities there were girls and children, there was no militant member among them, or there was no aimed person to be attack, they were all kids who were learning here.

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