Poor children work in illegal gold mines following the economic crisis in the country

Afghanistan: Afghan children work in illegal gold mines amid poverty and the economic crisis in Badakhshan, Afghanistan, on September 09, 2022. Afghan Multimedia Agency

We dig up stones, we are break stones into pieces, we then pour stones into a machine, after that we wash sands, then we separate gold, there are a lot of gold traders who came to buy it, they pay about USD-203.85 per kilogram, we get the money and distribute to our employees who are working here, a man said.

An Afghan worker stated, we are at least nineteen people and working in this tunnel, we dig about 70 meters down, if the tunnel break it increase danger for those personnel who are working down.

According to another worker explained, I was in grade eight at school, I left school and could not continue my education because of poverty and hardship, I come here to work and I receive at least USD-58 monthly.

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