Women sell ice cream on the streets to make ends meet amid the dire economic situation

Afghanistan: Afghan women sell popsicles on the streets to make ends in order to fight the economic crisis in Kabul, Afghanistan, on September 21, 2022. Among other sanctions, Afghanistan has been struggling with the lack of liquidity as its assets have been frozen by the US. Shamriz Sabawoon/Afghan Multimedia Agency

This is a good plan for me as there is no any job-opportunities available right now in Afghanistan, and this was a big chance for us to find a job and to work, a female popsicles seller explained.

According to Kulfi’s representative said, women were used to refer to this company for seeking jobs because as you know the economic situations become crisis for majority, a number of them were employed during former government but now they are jobless. Due to they used to refer a lot, this company’s branch we provide them 6 ice-cream carts, they are just 6 people working with us, and the rest of female work in another branches.

Another ice cream vendor added, I am feeling very good because I am working and struggling to find a legal food, as we live in this situation of a bad security that even girls and women could not walk around safely and freely, but we do this work which is not common in Afghanistan society. I demand from the Islamic Emirate to struggle for the women empowerment and development, and don’t deprive women rights, they should avoid gender discrimination and also don’t disregard women talents and skills.

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